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31 Dec

Ally reviews our Horse Shampoo and Shammy

So I recently tried Aqueos Anti Bacterial Horse Shampoo & Drying Shammy and I gotta say, I’m impressed!

This particular shampoo claims to soothe minor irritated skin, treat itchiness and be anti fungal as well as anti bacterial.
I used this on my cob’s legs, as he’s prone to feather mites, and they now look gorgeous and white, not to mention I’ve not seen him banging or itching them!
It has a hose attachment too - great for those of you lucky things with hot horse showers! The attachment will dilute it to the recommended dose - so if you think about it, this huge bottle will last a bloomin long time! you can see in my photo that I diluted it in a bucket and it foams up nicely without being too frothy!

I also used the drying shammy and was so surprised with how quickly it worked! If you look at the picture you can see how fluffy Mags’ legs look!

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