Aqueos Coronovirus Covid-19 Statement

Aqueos Coronovirus Covid-19 Statement

The Aqueos disinfectant solution has beenindependently tested for efficacy against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Thesolution may be used as a surface, equipment or handsanitiser/disinfectant.

We have been receiving numerous questions asking ifthe Aqueos solution is effective against Coronovirus.

Coronavirus is an enveloped virusand our test data confirms that active ingredients within the Aqueosformulation have efficacy against all enveloped viruses to EN Test StandardEN14476:2013.

The disinfectant works on viruses by attacking thelipid envelope. As respiratory viruses, like COVID19 have a lipid envelope,they are susceptible to our formulation so our independent test data confirmsthat it will meet the EN Test Standard against ALL enveloped viruses.

Aqueos has a full range of products to facilitatedifferent methods of application but stock of the hand sanitiser is limited dueto a global shortage of foamer bottles. Therefore, if you do have emptyfoam bottles, we recommend using the Ready to Use Kennel or Stable disinfectantto top these up. If you still need a hand sanitiser we would point youtowards the First Aid Spray.

Obviously, hand washing is preferable to handdisinfection so where soap and water is available it should be used and werecommend keeping up to date with, and following, Government guidelines toprevent the spread of Coronavirus.