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30 Apr

Blood Stop

Stop Minor Blood Flow – an easy and revolutionary solution Animals are pretty resilient – but your pets may occasionally present you with a bloody paw, a small nick from the coat trimmers, or a little graze caused by the environment that surrounds them. In these situations, cleaning the wound is essential and then stopping the bleeding…

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10 Apr

How to Disinfect a Stable

How to disinfect a stable by AqueosDisease prevention - it’s a crucial aspect of horse care. You follow a strict vaccination programme, worm your horse regularly, have his teeth checked and his feet trimmed – all aspects of maintaining his health and welfare.Yet many carers overlook a vital part of disease control – disinfecting…

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02 Apr

​Equine Herpes Virus – how you can protect your horse

We’ve all heard about equine influenza and strangles, but are you aware of another disease that is equally as contagious, and can lead to abortion? Equine herpes virus (EHV) is a condition not to be overlooked – take action now to understand more about EHV and take the necessary precautions to control it.What is EHV?Don’t underestimate…

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