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24 Jul

More Dog Shampoo Feedback!

Our anti-bacterial dog shampoo is going from strength to strength'this is a really good product, my dog has very scurfy skin but since I have been using this on him his coat is silky and the scurf is gone'.

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07 Jul

Another great review for Aqueos Anti-bacterial Dog Shampoo

Another great review for the Aqueos Anti-bacterial ShampooAn impressive shampoo. I have compared it against Malacetic (vets) and the D10 . The Malacetic is pricey. The D10 can be used without the worry of getting in the pets eyes. The Aqueos is great value for money, like the Malacetic must…

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02 Jul

Advice for Dogs in Hot Weather

Dog Board UKCARE YOU CAN TRUSTSadly our vets see a lot of cases of heatstroke in dogs during the summer months. Without the necessary care and precautions, it's not uncommon for heatstroke to result in the tragic loss of a beloved pet. It's easily avoidable, so here are some…

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