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28 Jun

Top Tips for Transporting Horses Safely

In the good old days, horses were put to work transporting humans, either by pulling a carriage or astride their backs. Now, of course, the reverse is true; we happily load up our horses into trailers or lorries and transport them many miles for our pleasure. That’s progress for you! Yet transporting horses is not…

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27 Jun

Aqueos Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo Customer

Bath day today for our thoroughbred ex racehorses 20 yr old Capal Garmon and 22 yr old Bound for Pleasure . Love the fantastic Aqueos shampoo it truly is the best shampoo on the market amazing results and so kind on horse and human skin . Coats are super soft…

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08 Jun

Aqueos Spray Plaster helps Horse's Sore Tail

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