Blood Stop

Blood Stop

Stop Minor Blood Flow aneasy and revolutionary solution

Animals are pretty resilient butyour pets may occasionally present you with a bloody paw, a small nick from thecoat trimmers, or a little graze caused by the environment that surrounds them.

In these situations, cleaning the wound is essential andthen stopping the bleeding comes next. Human first aid dictates applyingpressure, elevating the wound and then covering with a dressing, or an adhesiveplaster. If you have ever tried to put a horses legin the air, or place a sticky plaster on a long-haired coat of a dog, youalready appreciate it is not the easiest option in the world!

Luckily there is another way -and its called Blood Stop by Aqueos.

Where did it allstart?

It all stems back to a product used by military medics inthe field. Coagulent powder poured on wounds helped stop the flow of blood,leaving medics free to attend to other casualties.

Conversations with a veterinary surgeon lead to discussionsas whether the same idea could be used on animals. Further investigationssuggested the powder could be safely used on small cuts and grazes found onanimals. It seemed to be particularly good at treating clipper wounds in areaswhere the coat had been clipped, or clipped nail wounds.

How does it work?

As small spots of blood well out of the wound, the Blood Stopforms a gel plaque with the blood. This plaque then restricts the blood flow,giving the bodys own clotting agents time tostart working. As this happens, the gel plaque simply falls off. The producthas no medical claims theplaque just acts to stop the flow of blood temporarily.

Why use Blood Stop?

Although the products namespeaks for itself, it has several benefits and features that make it unique.Not only does it control bleeding from cuts and minor wounds quickly, it has astain-free formula, meaning it does not discolour the areas around it. It isalso lump free.

It contains no harmful chemicals or banned products, and istherefore competition safe for equine, as well as being an essential productfor dog groomers.

When to use it

Blood Stop is an ideal product to keep in your first aid kit,keeping it handy at all times for those small wounds you may come across.Useful for a range of situations, including:

· Grooming salon as itis stain free, it wont showup on pale coats, while minimising blood spotting from clipper cuts

· Equestrian yards idealfor quickly dealing with minor wounds caused in the field or stable

· Travelling animals particularly useful if travelling to competitions, whereappearance is essential

· At home agreat addition to the first aid kit of all pet owners to ease blood transferaround the house, while keeping blood staining on soft furnishings to a minimum

Although this is not a miracle cure, it certainly has aplace in the animal first aid kit. At last weseem to have a sticky plaster equivalent for animals that is safe, while beingquick, easy and mess free. If only everything in life was this straightforward!