Canine Disinfectant at the Ready

Canine Disinfectant at the Ready

Sometimes life can throw a few littlesurprises your way – but if you are fully prepared, these needn’t be an issue!That’s why it always pays to have a handy doggie disinfectant spray at thereadies; because we all know dogs don’t see dirt like we do. If there is apuddle to jump in, or a bush to drag themselves through, or something the foxleft behind to roll in – its heaven on a plate to your furry friend.

Not so for us mere mortals. That lingeringaroma that clings to your dog’s fur just seems to infiltrate every part of yourhome, and those muddy paw prints that are vying with the wall paper fordominance just don’t hit the spot with us humans. That’s why that nifty can ofdisinfectant is not just a luxury, but a necessity, to every dog owner.

Aquick rescue – in a bottle

Your bottle of disinfectant and deodoriserhas so many uses, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Basically,there is little you can’t do with it. Here is a list of some ideas we have comeup with:

1.Cleaningfloors and surrounding areas

2.Sprayingcarpets and sofas


4.Use inwashing machines on all doggie items

5.Disinfectingwhoopsie areas

6.Keeping whelpingareas clean and fresh, including puppy stalls

7.Sprayingon dog to combat fox and badger odour

8.Cleaning feeding bowls

9.Dealing with minor injuries and ailments

10.Cleaning grooming brushes

Safe– everyday

With so many uses, its good to know it’ssafe to use – every day and all day. Packaged in a convenient 200ml (750ml also available) spraybottle, your new best friend is anti-Bacterial and anti-fungal and carries onworking after application. An effective deodoriser that works on fox and badgersmells, and other pungent aromas, it has a fresh perfume that is alcohol andbleach free. Not only that, it’s washing machine safe and tested to EN1276,EN1650 & EN14476 – so rest assured it’s safe to use everywhere.

Keepit on you

Along with the doggie bags and thosedelicious little treats that are always with you on walks to encourage your dogback if he gets distracted, pop your bottle of disinfectant into your bagwherever you go. It will soon become ahabit, and will help you keep your dog and your home cleaner than you thoughtpossible during these muddy winter days, as well as hygienic and healthy.

So for all your dog cleansing needs, keepyour bottle to hand – you will glad you did.