Meet Sian from, Reiki for animal health

Meet Sian from, Reiki for animal health

At a local business meeting we recently met Sian who runs

Here is her story:-

I’m Sian and for fifteen of my adult years, I embarked upon an incredible learning and rewarding journey working with people affected by trauma. This satiated the empath in me and somewhere along the lines, meditation became an emotional anchor for me. Little did I know that this integral and daily practise would be sowing the seeds for me to evolve quite organically into Reiki. I went onto complete my Reiki 1 and 2 in the Usui Lineage of Reiki, followed by Animal Reiki training using Katheleen Prasad’s Let Animal Lead® approach. This training underpins my whole philosophy and approach to working with animals. 

Reiki is becoming increasingly recognised and used as a complementary support system for animals health and wellbeing. Being so energetically evolved, animals are very sensitive to Reiki and it can support them by bringing back balance physically, emotionally and spiritually…

Our beloved animals are such intuitive creatures and just like us they have their challenges. And like us, they dont want any form of treatment pushed on them. If you have an animal that is struggling - either physically or emotionally and you want a complementary and non-invasive way to support them then Reiki is a gentle yet powerful way to help bring them back to balance. My name is Sian and I am an Animal Reiki practitioner. I offer Reiki either in the physical presence of your pet and/or remotely. Below, the owner of her dog called Lu shares her experience of remote Reiki. I provided Reiki sessions to Lu after she was sadly stolen from her owners, though thankfully later reunited. Before Lu was taken she already suffered with canine dementia and separation anxiety. This is her owners story:

“On the night Lu was returned to me, she was physically unharmed but showed much anxiety that night. Lu deeply relaxed when Reiki was being given and we noticed some immediate changes in her - most notably that she was pacing less and showing less anxiety in the evening. Having become very accustomed to several night wakes from Lu in recent months, the next improvement has been very welcome - I now have to wake her in the mornings - sometimes she’s still asleep at 7am! Her nature during the day is more playful, she’s showing interest in a ball again and enthusiastically runs after it during her daily walks and she looks brighter. The biggest change has been the harmony that has been restored between her and her brother - they’d taken to frequent squabbles over recent months -this has almost gone (they argued about a favourite toy earlier!) Given this has needed careful management for some time now, to now have two happy and relaxed dogs is an absolute treat. I can only attribute this to the Reiki Sian has given - from the outset Sian was a warm, caring and consummate professional and worked out the schedule of treatments for Lu. Sian, truly I am so grateful to you - she is a changed dog!” A few weeks after the treatments had ended the owner told me that “Lu is still doing great - sleeping well at night and not pacing, managing decent walks and generally a superstar! We remain incredibly grateful”.

To be able to support Lu after such a traumatic ordeal was an absolute privilege. Our animals are such a blessing and I feel deeply grateful for all the beautiful animals I have the honour of working with. If you would like more information on how I can support your pets then please visit my website: