Online First Aid Training for Dog Owners & Professionals

Online First Aid Training for Dog Owners & Professionals

Pet First Aid Online Course for Dog Owners and Professionals

If you look after dogs or pets for aliving, you already know how important it is to care for them to the best ofyour ability. If you’re a dog or animal owner, you also appreciate how special yourfurry friend is, and why he deserves the best love and attention you can givehim.

Which is why we’ve launched pet first aidonline training courses, aimed at giving you the knowledge to help pets whenthey need it most. Presently we have two courses on offer;

1.Introduction to caninefirst aid, suitable for pet owners or dog groomers, walkers and sitters

2.Advanced pet first aidlevel 3, which is suitable for everyone who wants greater knowledge, particularlythose more involved in dog care such as kennel owners, breeders or trainers.

Why enroll on the courses?

The courses are both fully accredited andact as CPD training for staff working in the industry and stay current for 3years. In order to keep abreast with industry changes and new advancements, thecourses need to be re-taken after this time to count as CPD. Not only that, butthey offer a thorough grounding in first aid for anyone involved with pets,helping you to deal with issues quickly.

Both courses also include 2 hours ofengaging video training, with video access for 8 months, printable wallcertificate, and CPD time credit confirmation. The manual is also included, asare other downloads, free weekly video refresher, and an evidence-basedtraining certificate.

What’s included in an Introduction to Canine First Aid?

This course is aimed at giving you a basicunderstanding of first aid, so you know when you should call the vet and whatto do when you are waiting. It also covers how to lessen the likelihood ofaccidents happening and how to deal with minor injuries. Included in the courseis:

  • What is pet first aid and why do we need it
  • The vet and your role in first aid
  • When veterinary care is required
  • Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
  • Coping with car accidents
  • How to pet proof homes
  • How pets show pain
  • Checking the health of your pet
  • Accidents and first aid
  • Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
  • Dog CPR
  • Drowning and treatment
  • Shock
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal injury and moving an injured pet
  • Medical conditions
  • Controlling bleeding
  • Dressings and bandages
  • Paw problems
  • Ears, eyes and mouth
  • Bandaging the ear
  • Bandaging the tail
  • Illnesses

What is included in Advanced Pet First Aid Level 3 (VTQ)?

Advanced pet first aid level 3 (VTQ) goesinto much more details about the different injuries and illnesses that canaffect dogs and cats. The course has been designed to give the pet owner or petprofessional much more information to be able to detect early when something iswrong and give the appropriate care, including:

  • Introduction to Advanced Pet First Aid
  • Pet first aid and the law
  • Pet accidents and first aid
  • Hand hygiene
  • Dog micro-chipping
  • Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
  • Dog CPR
  • Drowning, shock, broken bones, spinal injury and moving an injured pet
  • Precautions and safety
  • Use of muzzles, gloves and approaching a pet that has been injured
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Digestive process, blood vessels, types of bones
  • Breathing mechanisms, circulation system, types of joints
  • The nervous system, the muscular system
  • First aid kits and equipment

You can enroll for both these courses here – after all, our pets rely on us; isn’tit only fair that we can provide for them and give them the right aid when theyneed it?