The One-Stop First Aid Solution for Horses and Dogs

The One-Stop First Aid Solution for Horses and Dogs

The One-Stop First Aid Solution for Horses andDog

Your horses and dogsmay be your treasured companions, but when things go wrong, and accidentshappen, it’s not only a traumatic time but can also be expensive. Your vet ofcourse is worth their weight in gold when it comes to the health and well-beingof your horse or dog, but being able to deal with certain situations safely onyour own is imperative.

This is where first aid spray comes intothe equation. It’s as essential to have this handy little bottle in yourtoolbox as it is to keep a body or grooming brush. Once you’ve experienced foryourself how first aid spray can revolutionize how you deal with minor cuts andinjuries, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

TheGood Old Days

Before you discovered this little gem, ifyour animal came in with a cut, you would either call the vet (necessary if thecut is deep or you are not very experienced in dealing with first aidsituations), or you would attempt to sort it yourself.

You go through the task of clipping thehair away, being careful not to let the hair fall into the cut. Then it’s amatter of cleaning it with salty warm water and gauze, and wiping the cutoutwards. Your poor animal may need restraining as it’s not the most comfortableof experiences.

Following that it’s time to treat it.Traditionally you reach for the ‘purple spray’ and brand your animal with hiscolourful mark. It’s not the most attractive option, and not recommended ifyour dog comes indoors, as it can stain your belongings. Alternatively, you canuse antiseptic cream but this too can rub off, and needs regularly replacing.

Bringin the First Aid Spray, Saviour of All!

Gone now is the need for flushing the cutwith salt water – your handy first aid spray does it all! A quick squirt cleansand flushes out the cut, drawing any dirt out. Plus, as it’s pH neutral, itwon’t sting. Salty water, if made up in the wrong quantities, can sting (we’veall experienced it – table salt in that paper cut? Ouch!)

Not only will it clean and flush, but yourfirst aid spray aids the natural healing process by disinfecting cuts, minorwounds and skin irritations, all while being non-irritant. As a bonus, by usinga product such as the Aqueos first aid spray, you know it is competition safeand invisible – it’s just like spraying water onto the surface of the skin.

In common with all Aqueos products, it’skind to the skin and the environment, does not contain bleach or alcohol, andkeeps on working long after you’ve sprayed it.

Why not think about having your own nursewith you wherever you go with your animals? Just pop your first aid spray intoyour bag or keep in your transport, and you know your animal companions will bein safe hands, even if you’re away from home. The health and welfare of youranimals has never been so easy.