The Risks of Temporary Stables

The Risks of Temporary Stables

The perilsof temporary show stables

Competing with your horse is one of lifes pleasures. If you compete locally,you can usually get to your chosen show and back again in a day; but for thosecompetitions further away, or if you are competing at the same venue for morethan one day, staying over is usually the best option.

Many venues provide temporary stables, which a much moreconvenient solution than booking stables at nearby livery yards, but they dobring their own challenges with them.

The biggest challenge is the volume of traffic that passesthrough some of these stables, particularly at busy showgrounds. You are nonethe wiser as to the history of the stable you have been allocated, such as whathorse has been using it before, and whether they were carriers of anyinfections. You dont know what they may haveleft behind, lurking in the walls.

Keeping your horse healthy and well is of course your numberone priority, so protecting them from potential pathogens is essential.Utilising these stables may be convenient, but it also could put your horse atrisk.

Luckily, there is a way to have the best of both worlds. Everytime you go away just make sure you have a bottle of Aqueos Stable disinfectantwith you; looking after your horse will then become as straightforward ascleaning your teeth. Lets lookat how to keep your stable clean.

Steps for keepingyour temporary stable clean

  1. The person before you should muck the stableout, but start off by cleaning any remaining muck and bedding out that has beenleft behind

  2. Some stables are erected on grass, which isdifficult to clean. Try and brush up as much as you can

  3. Grab a handy bottle of multi-use disinfectant,ready prepared with a spray nozzle, and liberally coat the stable walls andfloors, and outside the stable as well (for extra protection)

  4. Put down fresh bedding

While at the show

While on the showground, wash out your feed and waterbuckets with Aqueos and spray the stable each day. It may feel like overkill,but with Aqueos powerful, yet safe, formula,you will be providing protection against a multitude of bacteria, fungi andviruses, all of which can be hiding in the walls and floors. Although itcarries on working after application, regular treatment could help stave offany airborn or new infections that are brought in with new arrivals.

Ringwormin particular can carry on living in stable woodwork for months after theinitial infection, but as Aqueos is independently tested against this andstrangles using the product offers extra peace of mind.