​Your Essential Dog Walking Kit

​Your Essential Dog Walking Kit

With the longerevenings and (hopefully) better weather now upon us, enjoying long walks withyour dog is more pleasurable than ever. This is especially true if you go wellprepared and take a little emergency kit with you. After all, if like us hereat Aqueos you love rambling far from the madding crowd, having a few things tohand can make your walk fuss free and fun!

Here is a breakdown ofsome useful items to pack before you go.

First Aid Kit

Essential for bothdogs and humans, make sure you have antiseptic wipes, a bandage or two (Vetwraps are ideal as they stick to themselves), some spray on plaster, and blood stop gel Your first aid kit doesn’t have to be big;just think about the things that could happen far from civilisation that youcan deal with at a push – such as wound treatment.

Dog Wipes

Dogs love to roll; wemay think its disgusting and smelly, but to a dog there is nothing better thancovering themselves with something unmentionable! Pop a few wipes into yourbag, and you can give your dog a quick wipe down before he jumps back in thecar. Aqueos disinfectant wipes are really convenient yet are a greatdeodoriser. They also come in a handy pouch that you can slip into your pocketfor any eventuality or occasion. Never leave home without them!

Brightly Coloured Ball

Of course, your dog’sball is an obvious item to take with you, but make sure you take a bright ballthat you can see in the grass. Nothing more annoying than not being able tospot the ball in the grass.

Portable Water

Dogs love to lap atany water they come not contact with, including muddy puddles. Just remember,dogs don’t sweat like us (they do have small sweat glands in their paws, butthey are not an efficient method of cooling your dog); instead they pant, andneed water to help cool them down. You can get little bottles with their ownbowl attached that clip onto your belt – very handy when you are out and about.


Even if your dog isgood off the lead, when you are walking on footpaths that cross fields ofstock, you must always have your dog on a lead. It’s better to avoid fieldswith stock in if you can, but if you are on a circular walk or a long-distancefootpath, they are sometimes unavoidable. So be respectful and keep your dog ona lead.


A towel is a must to rub him down at theend of the walk, particularly if it is muddy or wet. Not only will it dry himoff and make him more comfortable, it will save your car from a batteringcourtesy of your dog.


It’s always handy to have sanitiser foryourself, particularly if your dog loves to roll, leaving you to clean him up. Aquick pump will keep you fresh and germ free.

Make the most of the summer months aheadand get out there with your dog. He’ll love you all the more, and with yourwalking kit at the ready, even his less sociable habits will be less offensive.We all know dogs love mud, wet and smells but with a little preparation you’llbe taking it in your stride.