A capsule range of products for chicken owners.

Eco Disinfectant for coops and equipment, handy during Bird Flu outbreaks.

First Aid items for a first response before a visit to a vet.

4  Products

Spray on Plaster

The award winning spray on plaster is an essential first aid item for dog, horse or any animal owner. The plaster gives a bandage-like protection by f...
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AQ904 Aqueos Blood Stop

Blood Stop 30g

Blood stop is a coagulate powder that stops bleeding by forming a gel when in contact with the blood, creating a gel barrier that stems the bleed. Unl...
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Aqueos Poultry Disinfectant

Poultry Disinfectant 750ml

Aqueos poultry disinfectant helps with bio-security, giving chicken owners peace of mind. The solution  provides clean germ-free environments and equi...
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