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Ready to Use Stable & Multi-Use Disinfectant 5L AQE7005RTU

Dilutes to 10L for general maintenance, use un-diluted for deep clean.

Ideal for stables, yards, horse transport, quarantine areas.

Stable & multi-use disinfectant

Kills bacteria, fungi & viruses in seconds (inc strangles & ringworm)

Powerful & fast acting

Carries on working after application

Effective deodoriser

Alcohol & bleach free

Safe to use on any surface including rugs & rubber matting

Washing machine & pressure washer safe

Inhibits mould & fungi growth

Apply with mop, cloth or spray bottle

“As an Equine Transport Company it is vital we disinfect and clean our lorry, headcollars and other items between trips to avoid any potential cross contamination between horses. As Aqueos is water based with no smell it can be used on everything – even haynets and the horses don’t mind it. Some of the more traditional disinfectants have a strong smell which horses dislike. We have found it to be a very good product” Bryan Elliott, elliottEQ Equine Transport, Management & Security.

Price: £39.99

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