Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo 1L

Antibacterial antifungal dog shanpoo

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Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo 1L


Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Itchy Dog Shampoo

This is a versatile shampoo for everyday use or for a multitude of applications, from skin irritations, rashes, itchy skin, general skin conditions or very smelly dogs. It's a godsend for dogs who like to roll in anything nasty or who are generally itchy. This product is very competitively priced compared to the vet-prescribed versions giving relief to dogs.

Gentle product safe to use for dogs and for owners, used by professional dog groomers.

Can be used on all ages of dogs including puppies.

To achieve maximum impact leave shampoo on dog's coat for 2 minutes before rinsing.

A cost effective alternative to vet prescribed medicated dog shampoo.

If diluting, we recommend 20:1.

(Also available in 200ml and 5L bottles.)

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical trading – Recyclable Bottles, Products Made in UK, Disinfectant has less than 1% active ingredient, is Biodegradable, PH Neutral, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly



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  • Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal
  • Tested to BS EN14476:2013 + A2:2019 Virucidal, EN1276 Bacterial & EN1650 Fungicidal 
  • Fast acting - rapid results - highly effective
  • Carries on working after application
  • Alcohol, bleach & paraben free, <1% chemical content
  • Non sticky & fragrance free
  • Use on all coats not just sensitive ones
  • Suitable for all ages including puppies
  • Gentle on skin, leaving coat soft and clean smelling
  • Can be diluted 20:1


Fantastic company and customer service, great products that as cost effective, easy to use and do what they claim. I’m a Professional Dog Groomer and been using their shampoos as our sole supplier for over 4 years. No skin reactions in that time and many success stories of skin improvements.

'Oh my God this shampoo has saved me a high vet bills but ultimately stopped the itching with my 4 month Shih tzu. He still itches but no way as before. He was scratching through the night and crying. This no longer happens'

'Shampoo lovely to use and smelt fresh , dog's itching stopped and shiny coat would recommend well considered ingredients and value'

Have been regular using the shampoo since the Grooming Expo last year. I have found it non irritant on my Sealyham Terrier and a fabulous workhorse on my Bernese Mountain Dog.  It is economical and most importantly doesn’t change coat texture, all this and antibacterial too.  Brilliant, thank you

I LOVE your dog shampoo. Not only is it the only thing that stops my jack russell itching herself raw in summer (pollen allergy) its amazing at removing grim smells!  Today we battled "rotting animal carcass" - they were rolling around for a good 30 seconds before I realised (and jumped in to spoil the fun) by which time both dogs were covered - it was eye wateringly disgusting, I may have heaved a little bit.