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Aqueos disinfectant products are effective against Coronavirus and are verified by EN14476 testing
Effective to EN test standards:EN1276 (Bacterial)EN1650(Fungicidal)EN14476(Virucidal)DEFRA Aproved
Effective to EN test standards:EN1267(Bacterial)EN1660(Fungicidal)EN14476(Virucidal)DEFRA Aproved

All actives are supported under the EU BPR Active Substance Review Programme for use with human hygiene biocidal products
(PT 1), Private and Public Health Area Disinfectants (PT 2) and Veterinary Hygiene (PT 3). Additional independent testing has
been carried out for Strangles, Ringworm and Parvovirus.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Aqueos we are always looking at ways to become more sustainable. All our disinfectant products have less than 1% active ingredient and are biodegradable. We source 98% of our products locally in the UK and look for recyclable packaging wherever possible. Our warehouse uses recycled cardboard as carton filling and we re-use boxes where we can. Ethically we ensure that ingredients purchased are not tested on animals and use no animal by-products.

Less than
1% Active
made in the UK
Made in
the UK
Fact 1

Diluted, the Aqueos disinfectants have the same hazard rating as distilled water

Fact 2

There is a groovy bottle with a hosepipe attachment for the disinfectant and horse shampoo

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Aqueos - Why is it important to disinfect grooming equipment?

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Clipper Rash - a Groomer's Guide

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Providing expert care for your furry, feathery or fine coated friends

Our disinfectants are proven to kill 99.999% of germs and have been tested in a range of both professional and domestic environments including Stables, Racing Yards, Horse Transporters, Studs, Kennels, Dog Groomers, Veterinary Practices.

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What our customers say

I'm a dog groomer & I luv the spray plaster & use the shampoo on loads of dogs with skin issues x

Caira Warden

Two days of heavy competition on my heavy boy!!! his legs are perfect thanks to the cooling gel


I’ve been using the Aqueos shampoo on my four dogs after it was recommended by a friend. We live on a farm and so the dogs often get pretty mucky – they’re mini daschunds and their short legs mean their tummies get filthy. The shampoo smells great and is really easy to use, but what I love most about it is that it leaves no residue and leaves the dogs’ coats super shiny and clean. There’s no flakiness in their fur, just a beautiful polished shine!

Christine Cummings

I have been struggling with pattern dermatitis on my horse for months. Red, swollen white legs, with small patches of crusting hair follicles. Just about keeping it at bay, and making little real progress. However, after one wash with the Aqueos horse shampoo, intense redness changed to dull red and after one week of daily washing has almost disappeared. And the hair is growing back. I will definitely be using this product. Absolutely delighted.

Jane Wharfe

I have been using Aqueos disinfectant in my Canine Hydrotherapy Centre for a few years now so it was the obvious choice for a product to use when I had a litter of puppies in October. I made everyone who handled the puppies use the hand sanitising foam and the whelping box and floor were regularly sprayed with disinfectant. It was great to know it was safe to use around the puppies. More recently, with the current strangles outbreaks, I took the products with me to the BD dressage championships at Hartpury as a precaution as I was stabling overnight. We used the soap and disinfectant and my horse was washed in the shampoo for some extra protection. His coat looked amazing as you can see in the picture!

Debbie Poynter

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