Aqueos - Equine Infection Prevention

Aqueos - Equine Infection Prevention

Diseases can be very serious to any horse and can impact their health and welfare.

Many diseases, such as equine flu, are very contagious and can spread quickly and easily between horses. It’s important for your horse to remain protected at all times and to know which symptoms to look out for.

Most equine diseases have very similar symptoms: lack of energy, fever, weight loss and coughing are to name a few. If you suspect that your horse may have any of these symptoms, isolate them immediately and contact your vet for advice. Make sure that all routine health checks and vaccinations are up to date for all horses.

Avoid sharing equipment between horses, such as tack, buckets and brushes and make sure that your stables are regularly disinfected to create a clean environment. Aqueos Stable and Multi-Use Disinfectant can be used for this and horses can immediately return to treated areas. Equine influenza can survive for a long time on surfaces, or any objects that an affected animal has come into contact with, which is why it’s so important for stables to stay clean. It is advised to quarantine any new arrivals for a minimum of 21 days. Monitoring the horse closely in this quarantine period will help identify any problems early.

Whilst out and about, avoid exposing your horse to unfamiliar horses. Isolated horses should not be taken to any events to prevent potential spreading. Disinfecting your trailer after each use will help maintain a nice, clean environment for your four-legged friend. Monitoring your horse’s temperature, heart rate and breathing for a few weeks after returning to the yard will also allow you to detect any changes.

Signs of ill health can easily be missed, yet early detection is essential. The quicker a disease is detected, the quicker it can be treated and eliminated.