Uses for Dog Wipes

Uses for Dog Wipes

Dog Wipesfrom Aqueos

Aqueos manufactures a range of alcohol andbleach free disinfectant products. Thesolution used kills bacteria, fungi and viruses quickly and carries on workingafter application. The mixing technologyallows the active ingredient to be used in extremely low concentrations.

Aqueos Disinfectant is tested to EN1276Bacterial EN1650 Fungicidal EN14476 Virucidal and also independently testedagainst Parvo Virus and Ringworm

Dog wipes– not just for paws!

There’s no doubt we love our dogs but, let's face it, they can besmelly creatures at times! A dog has no concept of the effect their dirt orstench can have on your life, and can look most mortified when, following awalk through wet and muddy fields, they get banished to the dog house.

Yet there is a quick solution; disinfectant dog wipes that fit inyour bag or pocket, ready for any emergency your dog might present you with.These accessories will soon become your new best friend, and help keep the relationshipyou have with your dog on an even keel. Take a look at some of the myriad usesthey have, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever coped without them!


Those muddy paws are the bane of your life. Why can't your dog belike the cat, and lick them clean? Probably because they don't have to,especially when you have your dog wipes to hand. Less intrusive than a bigtowel, these little gems make light work of the mud, while leaving them hygienicallyclean as well.

Cleaningaround eyes

Eyes are a delicate area; use anything too strong to clear thegunk away, and you’ll make them sore. Luckily these alcohol and bleach freewipes are kind to those sensitive eyes.


Another delicate area, the ears can become greasy and act as amagnet to dirt. A regular wipe with soft and irritant free wipes keeps the dirtat bay.

Removing foxand badger odour

There really is nothing worse than that pungent odour of fox orbadger. It may be a mystery to us why our pets love to roll in the wastematerial of other animals, but for a dog hooked on a good rub in the stuff,bath time becomes a nightmare.

Yet your handy wipes make this damp battle a distant memory. Notonly do they disinfect your dog with a quick scrub down, but they get rid ofthat distinctive pong. It's like a fabric spray for dogs!

Cleaningthe rear end

Some dogs are just messy when it comes to doing their business. Butwith dog wipes to hand, just whiz one out, wipe the offending area, and yourdog is sparkling clean again.


So your dog slobbers. Watching you eat, or playing exuberantly,those dribbles appear. Unpleasant it maybe to look at, but it's even worse on your surfaces or across your dog’s coat.Dog wipes to the rescue – again. Wipe said chops down, before getting rid ofthe offending puddle on your floor…


You may love his wrinkles, but they are a Mecca for harbouringdirt and germs. Disinfectant wipes are the easiest and kindest way to wipebetween those little lines, leaving him clean and fresh.

Scared ofsprays

Some dogs just don't like sprays (and who can blame them). Dog wipesare a safe and easy alternative to disinfectant sprays

CleaningsurfacesWe all know dogs can be thieves, and the thought of their paws onyour table and surfaces as they sneakily gobble the leftovers may leave youcold. Plus, we all know the occasional little “accident” can happen. But withdisinfectant dog wipes it’s easy to keep all those areas he comes into contactwith clean and sparklingly hygienic.

Clean yourown hands

After all that cleaning up after your dog, don't neglect your owncleanliness. I'm sure your dog won't begrudge you a wipe or two to clean yourown hands. After all, if it's good enough for the dog, it's good for you!