NEW Aqueos Disinfectant for Cats

NEW Aqueos Disinfectant for Cats

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, people are more aware than ever of the necessity of safeguarding themselves, their homes and their businesses from germs and bacteria. However, what people might be less aware of is the poison risk some cleaning products carry in relation to cats.

Many household disinfectants, including antibacterial products, contain benzalkonium chloride, a cationic detergent that can cause serious health problems for cats should they lick treated surfaces or their paws after walking on treated surfaces.

Thankfully, Aqueos – the award-winning pet product suppliers – has come up with a smart new disinfectant to not only protect cats at home, but also give catteries and groomers peace of mind while adhering to Covid measures and general hygiene protocols.

The Aqueos Cat Disinfectant & Deodoriser is the perfect solution for germ-free environments and equipment, with tests revealing a 99.999% success rate in wiping out viruses, bacteria and fungi.

But the really good news is, there’s zero risk to cats so it can be used liberally on litter trays, bedding, bowls, carriers, quarantine areas, grooming tables and equipment – as well as cats themselves. It’s even safe for kittens.

Available in 750ml to 5l containers, the Aqueos Cat Disinfectant & Deodoriser is peace of mind in a bottle for all animal lovers.