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03 Mar

New Puppy at Aqueos

Meet new Aqueos puppy, Bailey. He's just too cute! Bailey will be helping to test products and he has already had an Aqueos shampoo bath.

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23 Jan

Dog Shammy Review

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31 Dec

Ally reviews our Horse Shampoo and Shammy

So I recently tried Aqueos Anti Bacterial Horse Shampoo & Drying Shammy and I gotta say, I’m impressed! This particular shampoo claims to soothe minor irritated skin, treat itchiness and be anti fungal as well as anti bacterial. I used this on my cob’s legs, as he’s prone to feather…

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30 Dec

Betsy with her Christmas Present

Here is Betsy with her Christmas present, an Aqueos Dog Drying Shammy. A perfect time of the year to dry her off after walks or baths.

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03 Dec

NEW Horse & Dog Drying Shammy

Made from Polyvinyl Alcohol, or PVA, a hydrophilic material, the Aqueos Drying Shammy attracts water and maintains it within its three dimensional, interconnected porous structure. Each pore is joined to the other pores, increasing its ability to hold large amounts of water. This super-absorbent material is soft and gentle to use and can…

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12 Sep

Spray Plaster to the Rescue

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21 Aug

Helping Horses in Bulgaria by Lucy Irvine

Every day, LIFE Foundation, in Bulqaria, encounters wounded horses in need of help in the Roma communiites where we work. This was one I met today.. The local livestock vet could not come quiclky to assess for stitchinq and to administer a tetanus shot, but I could do somethinq…

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12 Jul

Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo Feedback

Thanks to Emma for her comments

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28 Jun

Top Tips for Transporting Horses Safely

In the good old days, horses were put to work transporting humans, either by pulling a carriage or astride their backs. Now, of course, the reverse is true; we happily load up our horses into trailers or lorries and transport them many miles for our pleasure. That’s progress for you! Yet transporting horses is not…

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27 Jun

Aqueos Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo Customer

Bath day today for our thoroughbred ex racehorses 20 yr old Capal Garmon and 22 yr old Bound for Pleasure . Love the fantastic Aqueos shampoo it truly is the best shampoo on the market amazing results and so kind on horse and human skin . Coats are super soft…

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