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20 Mar

Online First Aid Training for Dog Owners & Professionals

Pet First Aid Online Course for Dog Owners and ProfessionalsIf you look after dogs or pets for a living, you already know how important it is to care for them to the best of your ability. If you’re a dog or animal owner, you also appreciate how special your furry friend is, and…

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26 Feb

New Doggy Video Launched

We are delighted to launch our doggy video. Learn about the science behind Aqueos, meet some Aqueos dogs and hear about the products

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27 Jan

​Tips on dealing with your horse in winter

Winter is a tough time when you are caring for horses. Not only do you never have enough daylight hours, meaning you only ever see your horses in the dark, but you and your horses also have to contend with the weather. Depending on your set up, you may bring your horses into stables…

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13 Jan

Washing Hands around Dogs

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17 Dec

Aqueos & Equine Dentistry

Keeping it Aqueos Clean with Equine DentistsPreventative treatment is an important part of your equine care, and none more so than a visit from the dentist. Booking a dental treatment should be as regular as your annual vaccinations, in order to keep your horse’s mouth as healthy as the rest of his body. After all,…

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04 Dec

Canine Disinfectant at the Ready

Sometimes life can throw a few little surprises your way – but if you are fully prepared, these needn’t be an issue! That’s why it always pays to have a handy doggie disinfectant spray at the readies; because we all know dogs don’t see dirt like we do. If there is a puddle to…

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06 Nov

Mud Fever & Rain scald

Rain Scald & Mud Fever As we get deeper into autumn, the ever-present threat of rain scald and mud fever becomes a reality for many. Mud fever tends to flare up when the weather is at its worst, to add to the work load that shorter days and wintry weather brings to horse owners…

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01 Nov

Dogs & Fireworks

Bonfire night – a wondrous night full of oohs and arghs as the never-ending display of lights and bangs whizzes off into the night, mixed with the simple pleasures of hot dogs and toffee apples – or a nightmare evening spent with the TV turned up loud, trying to shield your dogs from the…

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01 Oct

Nice Feedback from Caira for Dog Shampoo

'My boy has itchy skin & the shampoo the vets gave him made him worse!! Aquoes cleans him up brilliantly & relieves his itch!! I recommend this to loads of people!! Great stuff 'We use the wipes in-between baths to keep his face clean as he likes to get filthy'

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14 Sep

Take Care with Autumn Flush

Autumn Flush – Taking Care with LaminitisEveryone associates the arrival of spring with the curse of laminitis, but did you know autumn is another time of year you need to be careful and monitor your horse carefully for laminitis?During September, your grazing has a final attempt to enrich itself before winter sets in…

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